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What if Gordon Ramsay voiced a GPS

"Great job, you missed the exit you fucking disgrace."

Get out and run.

Do not worry about the rest.
Make running a lifestyle. A daily habit, like brushing your teeth. If you run 300+ days a year, every year, for several years, good things will come your way. Start now. Doesn’t matter if you are 16 years old or 66.

If you want to be a decent runner you must get out and run; the rest is just noise.

Get the running in first— that is the foundation. Then: Eat mostly good stuff. Get enough sleep. Stretch if you want to— or don’t. Lift if you like lifting. Cross-train if it makes you happy. Wear minimalist shoes or big bulky ones, whichever you prefer. Listen to music when you run, or not. You can carry water with you on a long run, or you can go without. If you want to do a core routine, then do it— but first you must get out and run.

Run on trails, or streets, or on a treadmill, whatever works for you. Run slowly. Run quickly. Run up hills. Run in the rain. Run in the snow, the heat, the cold. Run into the wind. Run on the days that you do not feel like running. Run on the days that you can’t wait to get out and run. Run with friends. Run alone. Run races. Run in the country. Run in the city. Run in parks. Run when you feel happy. Run when you are depressed. Run when you have a ton of energy. Run when you are feeling like shit. Run when you feel good. Run in the morning. Run at night. Run before work. Run after work. Run.

-And run some more.

~ Brandnewmaddy’s Fitblr Giveaway ~
First off, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my lovely followers for being there for me and just for being you! <3 I created this giveaway as a thank you (:
This is also a fundraising giveaway, as I am raising money for a volunteering trip that I am going on this summer to Bela Bela, South Africa. I cannot afford the trip, and it has always been my dream to do something like this. This is what I want to do with my life. Read more about it here and donate here. Thank you so much everyone!
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I will choose via Random.org
I will message the winner on February 14th, so please keep your asks open that day! I will give you three days to reply, then I will have to choose a new winner :(
What’s Included
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Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Program in packaging, unopened
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1 Container of Whey/Soy Protein, your choice which kind!
A $25 Sports Authority Gift Card
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Good luck to everyone, and thank you so much to everyone who donates! <3 Maddy

Daily reminder: you need calories simply to continue to function and exist.
Losing weight: you need to eat.
Maintaining weight: you need to eat.
Didn't work out: you need to eat.
Ate a lot yesterday: you need to eat.
Happy: you need to eat.
Sad: you need to eat.
Everyone: needs to eat, every day.